Saturday, 26 January 2013

Well hung: New Curtains

Saturday was spent ticking some things off my list, and of course to balance, adding a few more on.  I worked my way through paperwork and by 4pm my sister Linda and I decided to go and visit the parents.
It had been on my mind that a new curtain was needed for the sewing room as it only had a linen apron blocking out the sun, and a roller blind and neither were worth much. 
Mum is a fantastic crocheter and I have quite a collection of her creations.  I thought that one of  her blankets would make a great curtain as all the holes are already created.
Looks great tied back and drops to the floor which will block up all the draughts from the wooden floorboards. My lodger will be happy!
Tied back with a long necklace made from buttons...thrifty find £1.50!
Click on the link to show you:   How to make your very own crochet blanket
Sunday update!  I had to add this to the blog post.  I was reading my 1970's magazine 'Golden Threads' that I had bought in the charity store last week (10p each...I bought at least 30) and I saw this article for 'Crochet Door Curtain'...couldn't believe it!  I am SO a 1970's child!!


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