Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dining Room Dilemma

An eating space that always ended up being a workspace.  It became a stressful room and meant that as my living space is open plan, I could never fully get away from work.  It became less a place to eat, and more a space to sew.  Something had to give.

In a small space you always need to think creatively.  By hanging chairs on the wall this kept the floor area much clearer.  However the length of the table blocked the feng shui flow out to the back yarden.  It was time for a change...

In January I moved my big dining room table upstairs into the 'spare room' and it became my cutting table for sewing and making patterns.  I asked the builders across the way to give me a hand up the stairs with a oak table. 

This left me with a gap of where to eat in the dining room. Large scale dinner parties were out of the question unless they became 'TV dinner parties', but I don't have a TV. 

I did manage to think around the lack of a 'big table' by throwing a party with 3 smaller tables, it ended up very Parisian, with white table cloths, roses and tea lights.

Margaret, Colin, Shan and Patrick enjoying an evening in Paris / Belfast in September.

 Inspiration struck last week when I was clearing out cupboards and discovered the 2 end extensions to the already 'big table'.  These have only been used about twice in the last 9 years, and I needed the space they were taking up inside the cupboard so I set to work taking them apart and remaking them.

A girls best friend, my trusty drill/screwdriver combo.  Taking off all the wooden batons. 

All off and thankfully clearly marked, if I am ever reversing the process.

Carrying down the cast iron base of the Singer machine that belonged to my Great Granny McFadden.  Very heavy!!

Great Granny McFadden in her apple orchard in County Armagh. 

Taking off the table top.

Fixing the batons in the opposite direction, joining the 2 extensions together to give support.

Measuring and marking out the drill holes to attach to the base.

Hey presto! One hour later and a new table to sit 4 (6 at a push).

Somewhere to hide if thunder and lightening strike!

Solid oak top and cast iron base means that this table will not be going anywhere...(maybe) 
Time for another dinner party!

Till next time, happy creating and recreating

Christine x

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